I opened a Slack channel for our Aslanoba Capital entrepreneurs yesterday. In addition to each of our founders, our Aslanoba Capital team is also on the channel.

During the first day of use, I noticed that Slack greatly increased the quantity and quality of my interactions with our entrepreneurs. Although we can also reach other through email, email has a higher barrier to usage because it feels more formal. Among the other formalities of email, you feel the need to write a subject, address your email to a recipient, ask how they’re doing, and sign off.

Slack, on the other hand, feels just like chat. You can drive straight into the subject matter without the formalities. This lower hurdle to initiating a conversation means that more exchanges take place. And the expectation of a faster response inherent in chat apps means that the exchange reaches its goal much faster.

The use cases that I’ve had for our Slack channel during its first day include updating myself on the performance of a startup’s marketing campaign, complimenting a startup that recently expanded their service zone, and sharing the outcome and next steps of a conversation that I had with one of our entrepreneurs with the Aslanoba Capital team.

Multiplying the range of exchanges that I had by the number of founders we have, you can get a sense for the very large impact that Slack will have on our aggregate productivity once we all start using it. This will take some time to play out as it requires that each of our founders grows comfortable using the platform. However, the first day’s public exchanges are very promising.

I’m a big fan of Slack and strongly recommend it for your workplace communications.