Sharing your ride’s real-time location on Bitaksi

Yesterday, Bitaksi launched a new feature which lets passengers share the real-time locationĀ of their ride with their friends and loved ones. This is a very valuable feature for many customer segments, including parents who want to track the location of their kids in a taxi, and women who want to share their taxi’s location with their friends to feel safer during the ride.

I tried the feature this morning. I called a taxi through Bitaksi, a driver accepted my request, and came to pick me up. After I entered the car and our ride started, I saw the screen below. At the bottom right of the screen you can see a vertical bar. This bar needs to be made more visible, but once you click on it, it expands to show two features. The first is to share the real-time location of your ride (“Paylas” in Turkish), and the second is to call the driver (“Surucuyu Ara” in Turkish). The second feature is useful in case your driver hasn’t picked you up yet.



I clicked on the feature to share the real-time location of my ride, and was prompted to do so through several channels. I chose to share through SMS, and Bitaksi automatically prepared the message below which I shared with my wife.


After clicking on the tracking link, my wife was able to follow my real-time location throughout the rest of my journey. This is what it looked like.


When I arrived at my destination, the tracking link was deactivated as shown below.


Overall, I had a very pleasant experience using a feature that meets a clear customer need. Congratulations to the Bitaksi team for identifying this need and delivering a well executed solution.