Email content sharing follow up

This post is a follow up to last Friday’s post about the Pegasus Airlines ad I saw in my Twitter stream prior to my Pegasus flight from Istanbul to Bodrum that day. I’m writing¬†to share my experience on the day of the return flight from Bodrum to Istanbul.

Yesterday, the day of the return flight, I saw ads from Turkish Airlines and Onur Air in my Twitter stream.

2015-08-09 08.32.19

2015-08-09 08.31.41

I was once again flying with Pegasus so the ads were coming from competing airlines that I wasn’t flying with that day. But they were once again coming from airlines on a day when I was flying.

Airlines aren’t the only companies advertising on Twitter in Turkey. I regularly see ads from companies in other sectors on other days. But the fact that I keep seeing airline ads on flight days suggests that it’s likely that Twitter has access to this information from my Gmail (from its Google partnership as I wrote on Friday) and shares it with airlines looking to perform more targeted advertising.

It also makes sense for Twitter to allow airlines other than the one that you’re flying with that day to advertise to you since this creates competition for ad space. This drives up Twitter’s revenue.