Drones at our hotel

We were having breakfast with my wife this morning when we saw a drone above our hotel’s pool.

2015-08-07 08.27.10

The drone was taking different aerial photo and video shots of the hotel. From the location that it was at, it was able to take a picture of the pool area, the breakfast area, the rooms, and the marina view, all at once. This takes less time, and if you use the drone repeatedly for multiple shots throughout the years, is more cost effective than using a photographer.

Our startup Mavrx analyzes images, including those sourced from drones, to provide farmers with recommendations which improve agricultural outcomes. That’s a clear use case serving a big commercial market.

But as we saw this morning, there are also many other use cases targeting smaller markets. As more and more use cases emerge, I have a feeling that seeing drones around us will become a regular occurrence.