The day I met my wife

Three years ago today I met my wife Esra. While I love my work, I love her more. The reason I know this is simple. If I had to choose between living with Esra without my work, and living without her but with my work, I would choose the former.

Esra puts up with my writing of this blog each morning.

She shares in the daily stresses of my job.

She’s my thought partner when making tough decisions.

She knows when to tell me to take some down time.

And she believes in me and what I have to contribute to the world.

Most important of all, she’s an all around generous, smart, and beautiful human being. The day I met her was the most important day of my life as it led to all the other important dates that we celebrate together. I’m very fortunate to share my life with her.

As the readers of my blog, I hope that each of you have also found, or will find, someone in your life about whom you feel the same way.