Apple Watch

I just purchased an Apple Watch. I haven’t worn a watch in 4 years as I rely on my smartphone to tell the time.

The reason I bought the Watch is the same as the reason why I bought the iPad several years ago. Although I don’t believe that I’ll have many personal use cases for it, it’s a new tech platform. I want to stay up to date on the evolution of new tech platforms as, if they take off, this will help me better identify and evaluate startups that build businesses on top of these platforms.

I was right about my use of the iPad. I rarely use it (maybe once a week for reading) as it’s too large to fit in my pocket and, if I’m carrying a bag around, I prefer the comfort of a larger screen laptop equipped with better business software. However, the iPad has emerged to become a popular device that many people rely on for their entertainment (video, magazines, and games). I regularly install the iPad version of a startup’s app to evaluate its user experience on the tablet device.

Let’s see what use cases I have for the Watch and how those compare to mainstream use cases.