In addition to TazeDirekt, Hasan’s second entrepreneurial venture Webnak is a marketplace connecting companies looking to make ground shipments with truckers through an auction platform.

Whereas companies traditionally completed their ground shipments by calling brokers and trucking companies, Webnak’s auction-based app allows them to collect multiple bids much faster. This also helps them complete the shipment at a lower price.

Webnak also offers large companies that perform multiple daily shipments a premium service. Under this premium service, Webnak guarantees that the company will get its shipments completed. Webnak operators, rather than the corporate customer, use the Webnak platform to find truckers to complete the company’s planned shipments.

Webnak was founded based on the problems which Hasan’s previous business Erikli Water, Turkey’s largest bottled water company, faced when trying to find truckers. Hasan describes his motivation for creating Webnak in the video below in Turkish.

Webnak was also recently featured on the news segment of Kanal D, one of Turkey’s leading TV channels. You can watch the video, which also features Webnak’s head of business development Volkan Ozkan, in Turkish here.

Interestingly, Webnak’s name isn’t mentioned in the piece as it’s likely not allowed by Turkey’s TV regulator.