Startup Rising

I spoke with Christopher Schroeder¬†yesterday. Christopher is a successful US-based entrepreneur and investor, and the author of Startup Rising, a book covering the rise of technology and entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Christopher was in Istanbul two weeks ago but we weren’t able to meet on the ground so we connected over the phone.

In addition to the Middle East, Christopher is very interested in the potential of Turkish internet startups. Our conversation was timely as Yemeksepeti achieved Turkey’s largest internet exit to date just this week. Christopher was very knowledgeable about the local market, and very interested to learn more. We spoke about our portfolio, other great startups in Turkey, the activities of local venture funds, and previous attempts to establish corporate venture funds in the country. It was refreshing to see a successful US internet entrepreneur and investor believe in the value held by a market thousands of miles away.

I don’t know exactly how, but I have a feeling that our paths will cross again with Christopher soon. In the meantime, here’s an interview with Charlie Rose where Christopher talks about his book and his interest in the Middle East. Christopher’s piece starts at around minute 40.