I was speaking with the founder of one of our startups recently. We were discussing the terms of an investment offer which the startup received. The founder shared that for the second time in a row he had discussed a specific condition with the investor and stated that the condition was a deal breaker for the company. After their conversation, the investor shared their revised offer which, once again, contained the original version of the condition.

We were discussing how the founder should respond, and I recommended that he reply by reiterating that he wouldn’t be able to accept the condition. The founder had a different view. He said that he wasn’t going to reply. He had already stated twice that he wouldn’t be able to accept the condition, and he viewed the fact that the investor was ignoring his stance as a lack of respect. He therefore decided to be silent and not respond to the offer.

A few days later, the investor reached out to the founder again, stating that he would modify the original condition to reflect what the founder requested. Sometimes silence is the best answer.