Modanisa’s offline store

Modanisa opened its first offline retail store yesterday. It’s at 154 Alemdag Caddesi in Umraniye, Istanbul.

I think it’s important for clothing e-commerce startups that pass a certain threshold to complement their online presence with offline locations. First of all, it’s a way to attract new customers. It also helps increase online purchases by giving customers the opportunity to try on different types of clothing before they buy. Finally, it can also help with processing exchanges and returns more cost effectively than through cargo shipments.

On the flip side, offline retail requires a new skill set to operate. For example, it’s important to bring onboard the right store managers to ensure that the operation runs smoothly. These people are rarely found in the tech sector. It’s also very important to pick the right location for your store based on factors like its proximity to where your customer base lives and shops, its accessibility by public transport, and real estate costs.

I think that Modanisa is launching its offline retail presence at the right time for the company, and at the right location. If this first store is successful, new stores are likely to follow.

Here are some pictures of the new store from yesterday’s opening.

2015-05-25 08.51.40

2015-05-25 08.51.35