Mobile local goods marketplaces

We believe that there’s a big opportunity for a mobile-first, and perhaps even mobile-only local goods marketplace in Turkey. Successful examples in the US include OfferUp and VarageSale. Both appear to be doing very well.

Mobile apps make it very easy to take photos of what you want to sell and to list these items. They also make it very easy for buyers to quickly browse a visually appealing set of photos and indicate interest in an item or complete a purchase with a single click. Finally, if the item in question isn’t suitable for cargo shipping, or needs to be seen before purchase, the location capability of mobile devices makes it possible for you to easily arrange offline meetups with buyers and sellers in your chosen geography.

We’ve been looking for a startup pursuing this model in Turkey for quite some time. Although there are a few players with apps available in the space, we want to see initial traction. We’re looking for at least a thousand users and listed items, and hundreds¬†of¬†transactions per month, independent of monetization. If you’re pursuing a startup that fits this profile, or you know someone who is, please reach out to us from our Contact page.