Hemenkiralik’s new round

Our investment Hemenkiralik recently announced that it has raised a new $2.5M round of funding. This is a very important round for the company as it deepens its strategic partnership with the world’s leading vacation rental company HomeAway through a $2M investment. Existing investor 212 also contributed to the round with a $0.5M investment.

Together with the new round, Hemenkiralik will expand its existing partnership with HomeAway which helps it attract foreign tourists to vacation rentals in Turkey. The company will also use the capital to expand abroad with a primary focus on serving the Middle East market.

The fact that HomeAway has chosen Hemenkiralik as its partner to expand in Turkey and the Middle East is a reflection of what the company’s founders Remi Onur, Rina Onur, Mehmet Ulku, and Alper Kaya have achieved so far, and the even greater potential that the company holds in the future. We’re fortunate to be part of the journey.