NewCo Istanbul

NewCo Istanbul is taking place on the 10th of June. This is the fourth time that a NewCo event is being held outside of the US (earlier events took place in the UK, Amsterdam, and Barcelona), and the first time that NewCo will be held in Istanbul.

Founded by John Battelle, the founder of Wired Magazine and Federated Media, NewCo is a day long event where innovative companies host anyone looking to hear their story at their office. It’s a way for the company to share the creative work that they’re doing to have a positive impact on the world, and for visitors to learn about a company that they’re interested in but have limited access to beyond what’s shared in public settings. It’s a great event to interact with customers, potential recruits, business partners, and like-minded people in general. Here’s a video that describes NewCo in greater detail.

Companies like Google, LinkedIn, and WealthFront are attending this year’s NewCo in Silicon Valley. NewCo Istanbul is being organized by Webrazzi and our startups Bitaksi and Tasit will also be opening their doors to attendees as part of the event.