Navdy is a heads-up display for your car which projects information from your smartphone onto your car’s windshield. So rather than having to look down at your smartphone for navigation, to check emails, text, and other use cases, you can look directly in front of you. This is a lot safer.

Beyond the functional advantages, Navdy also makes you feel cool while using it. You can interact with the device through voice and gestures. The projection of the information onto your windshield is also really neat. This is the same technology that pilots use and installing Navdy is a lot easier than learning to fly an airplane.

Check out the video below to see some of Navdy’s features in action. Navdy’s founder Doug Simpson also makes a guest appearance towards the end of the video.

We invested in Navdy’s first round of funding last August¬†and the company’s $6M in pre-orders since then have given it the momentum to raise a new $20M round to increase production capacity and speed. We were fortunate to be able to retain our pro-rata in the new round of funding which like the first was led by Upfront Ventures.

I can’t wait for Navdy to ship in the second half of this year.