Guclu’s blog

Guclu Gokozan is the founder of Buldumbuldum, our investment in the personalized gifts space. He recently started blogging about his experiences as an entrepreneur. Actions like this are essential to encourage entrepreneurship in Turkey and I applaud Guclu for sharing his knowledge with other prospective entrepreneurs.

Buldumbuldum originally started off as a traditional buy, warehouse, and sell e-commerce operation. However following our investment in 2013 the company shifted towards a mass customization model where users select underlying products which they then personalize with their own text and images. In addition to giving customer’s greater choice, this approach allows Buldumbuldum to enjoy greater economies of scale in the underlying core products that it sells. Guclu touches on the benefits of this approach in his most recent blog post (in Turkish). He also offers other valuable tips for e-commerce entrepreneurs from his experiences running Buldumbuldum since 2007.

As Guclu points out in his blog, Buldumbuldum is currently expanding its mass customization model to include a designer marketplace where users can not only personalize the designs of their own products, but also make the products they design available for other users to purchase. The company has an impressive lineup of brands including sports clubs, movies and TV shows, and gaming companies which will sell their online designs in Turkey exclusively through the Buldumbuldum marketplace.

Buldumbuldum is also making its design engine available to business customers. Businesses are now able to order business cards, pens, folders, agendas, and other stationery products in bulk on Buldumbuldum.