TV advertising

Tasit is a used car classifieds site that we invested in back in 2013. Founded by Birol Kabakoglu, the company’s goal is to be the leading car vertical classifieds site in Turkey.

Tasit is 4 years old so it has already optimized most of the low hanging fruit like targeted online marketing to bring customers and car dealers onto its platform. On top of this, many car dealers have yet to build an online presence and remain skeptical of the benefits of online sales channels. Given this context, it made sense for Tasit to launch a TV advertising campaign.

Despite being less targeted than online marketing, TV advertising can be particularly valuable for internet companies to create trust within their traditionally offline communities. Although TV viewership is declining, a company with the resources to engage in TV advertising signals to viewers that it’s a trusted brand.

You can check out Tasit’s TV ads below. My favorite is the first one. What’s yours?