Transactional marketplaces

Wedding planning platform Dugun recently launched its new wedding invitation marketplace Davetiyo.

Prospective couples interact with a lot of merchants during their wedding planning process. These include wedding venues, organizers, photographers, and wedding invitation producers. Couples need to meet most of these merchants offline as the ultimate service will be delivered offline. This includes visiting the wedding venue, setting up logistical details with the organizer, and getting pictures taken before, during, and after the wedding with the photographer. Because of the need for an offline interaction before a transaction is completed, it makes sense for Dugun to send customer leads to merchants in these categories.

Wedding invitations, however, can be delivered fully online. All the couple needs to do is select a theme for the invitation and envelope they like, and fill it in with pictures and writing. Because of this approach, it makes sense to offer customers a fully online end-to-end wedding invitation ordering experience rather than directing them as leads to merchants. This is why Dugun powers Davetiyo as a separate transactional marketplace.

My wife and I were among Davetiyo’s first users when we had our wedding last summer. This was before Davetiyo had a website. We were happy customers and the platform has grown to include a much wider variety of invitation themes since then. I took a look over the current themes available and there seems to be something for everyone.