Our investment in Arthena

We recently made a seed investment in Arthena, an equity co-investment platform for art work. Arthena is our third investment in the US after Flipps and Anymeeting. For those in the startup space, you can think of Arthena as AngelList for art.

On one hand, there are pieces of art with a value anywhere from hundreds of thousands to several millions of dollars. On the other hand are individual investors who want to invest in art but don’t have the expertise to select the right investment or the necessary funds to buy an individual piece of art on their own. 

Similar to the AngelList Syndicates feature, Arthena solves these problems by accepting co-investments as small as $10,000 and working with fund curators who are experienced art investors with a proven track record of generating high returns from their investments. Fund curators are responsible for marketing their funds with the help of the Arthena platform and selecting the artwork to be purchased. In addition to the value of its platform, Arthena is responsible for sanity-checking the value of the purchase, authenticating the piece of art, and storing it.

Following its participation in the AngelPad Spring 2014 program, Arthena is currently headquartered in the world’s art capital New York City. The three person Arthena team is led by Madelaine D’Angelo. Madelaine has an MA in Museum Studies from Harvard and a strong network in the art space from her previous work at the Smithsonian and the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. The company is currently growing its team and you can check out all their available positions here.

We’re very fortunate to be able to support Madelaine and the Arthena team as they bring the excitement and financial returns of art investments to the masses.