Transforming Aslanoba Capital into a platform VC

Until recently, the primary responsibilities of a VC firm were to provide startups with financing, strategic guidance, and an extensive network. However, like the industries which a VC firm’s startups seek to disrupt, the VC industry is also undergoing a period of disruption. VC’s are looking to maximize the probability of success of their startups, and to be the first fund which comes to mind when the best startups look for funding. As a result, they are increasingly offering platform services to their portfolio companies. More specifically, firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures which are the pioneers of this model in the US are offering their startups support in areas like recruiting, financial services, and marketing.

As strong believers in the benefits of being a full-service platform VC, we recently implemented the same model at Aslanoba Capital. The first two services which we are offering our startups are in the areas of recruiting and financial services. Our decision to focus on these two services is the result of a careful evaluation of the needs of our entrepreneurs, together with our good fortune of being able to find outstanding talent to fill these roles.

Our new recruiting manager, Sevla Serbest, joins us from Peak Games, the largest mobile gaming company in the Middle East. Prior to her role at Peak Games, Sevla helped build the workforce of Rocket Internet’s e-commerce businesses in Turkey and the Middle East. Her extensive network in Turkey’s internet ecosystem and ability to build great relationships with entrepreneurs and candidates alike will be tremendously valuable to our growing startups.

Our new financial services manager, Tugba Gulcu, joins us from the Aslanoba Food team following seven years of experience as an auditor at Ernst & Young. Early stage startups rightfully focus on execution and this can make it very challenging for them to properly track their financial performance. Tugba will be contributing her financial acumen to ensure that each startup maintains a proper record of its cash inflows, outflows, and overall performance in line with financial reporting standards. This will help our startups make better strategic business decisions while also ensuring that their financial reports are well prepared for future funding rounds.

I’m very pleased to welcome Sevla and Tugba to the Aslanoba Capital team, and consider myself very fortunate to be working together with them. As our entrepreneurs will soon discover, they will be invaluable contributors to the success of their businesses.