Improving online advertising returns through remarketing

During the course of the last week I was seeing a lot of Vivense advertisements while browsing the web. Vivense, one of our investments, is a furniture e-commerce platform in Turkey which differentiates itself through its unique product selection and direct shipment to customers. Somehow, whatever I was doing, Vivense managed to find me. Whether I was performing a search, reading the news, or watching a video, Vivense was there. In addition, Vivense didn’t just serve me generic ads, but ads of sofas. I’ve been looking for a new sofa for quite some time now. So how did Vivense do this?

The answer is remarketing. Stated simply, remarketing is the practice of serving your website’s ads to users who have previously visited your website. Since users who have been to your website in the past are more likely to become your customers than the average internet user, this targeted approach makes it more likely that your ad dollars actually generate new customers. Vivense’s remarketing activities determined that I had recently visited Vivense’s website, and they took advantage of this information to encourage me to revisit their website. 
However, Vivense did more than simply encourage me to revisit their website. They presented me with an ad for a specific product which was more likely to attract my interest than a generic ad. Vivense knew that I had looked for a sofa on their website, and they took advantage of this information to offer me a more targeted ad. As you can see, remarketing is an area which is ripe for optimization. In addition to optimizing your ads by integrating product placements, you can optimize based on your website visitor’s level of engagement. For example, you can choose to serve ads exclusively to visitors who have filled their shopping cart but not made the final purchase. These visitors have expressed a greater desire to become your customers than visitors who left your website at the entrance page, and are therefore a better target for your ad dollars.
As online advertising costs continue to rise, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that your ad dollars are well spent. As Vivense’s experiences show, remarketing is a promising tool that can help you achieve this goal.