Delighting your users

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Brian Wang, the CEO of our portfolio startup Fitocracy. We talked at length about Fitocracy’s future plans and their strategy to continue to delight their users. Fitocracy is an amazing example of a startup that works relentlessly to make sure that its users remain happy and keep coming back to use the service. From the outside, you might think that a startup that lets you track your workouts would have low engagement levels. After all, who wants to perform their workout, let alone track it?

Fitocracy breaks all the reluctance and tediousness that people have come to associate with fitness. And the way it does this is simple. In addition to monitoring their own progress, Fitocracy’s seven hundred thousand users are able to share their achievements with other users. This has created an unparalleled sense of community reinforced by the friendly competition that motivates each Fitocrat on their quest to achieve their fitness goals.

In fact, the sense of community is so strong that Fitocracy users regularly organize meetups in their home cities to engage with their fellow Fitocrats in real life. This is why Brian traveled from Fitocracy’s New York headquarters to San Francisco last week. He was attending the local Fitocracy meetup. Other recent meetups have taken place in cities like Houston, Toronto, New York, and Washington DC. Most importantly, these meetups are fully initiated by Fitocracy users themselves.

Fitocracy’s focus on delighting its users is also why it recently won Mashable’s Health and Fitness award. Fitocracy has been patiently iterating its product so that each feature is designed with a clear customer need in mind. Overlaying this customer centric approach to product design with the glue of a supportive community has positioned Fitocracy as the leading social network for health and fitness. Best of all, Fitocracy is just getting started. By retaining its singular focus on helping its users achieve their fitness goals, Fitocracy has the potential to develop into the world’s leading platform for fitness content.